General Conditions IIK Accommodation Service

General information

  1. Accommodation is reserved only upon proof of full payment (100% of accommodation fees). If the participant cancels the accommodation 2 weeks before the start of the course (receipt of mail), he/she will be refunded the full amount paid minus bank charges and an administrative fee of 50 EUR. The cancellation must be made in writing. In case of a later cancellation, the full accommodation fee is due.

  2. Das IIK Düsseldorf arranges accommodation only in connection with booked language courses, further education or examinations.
    If you no longer attend a course with us but still wish to extend your accommodation because you have not found a place to live, you will be charged an extra 50 EUR per month for tax reasons.

  3. The accommodation starts one day before the beginning of the course (Intensive German Course) and ends one day after the end of the course (Intensive German Course) in the morning. If you arrive earlier or leave later, you must arrange your own accommodation for the extra days.
  4. In most accommodations women and men live separately, but we cannot always guarantee this. If you want to stay only with women or men, please inform us directly when booking your accommodation.
  5. As soon as you receive the accommodation address and contact details of the landlord/landlady from us, please inform them about your arrival time in Düsseldorf. If you fail to do so, you may be faced with closed doors upon arrival. You will then have to pay any associated costs, such as hotel costs, yourself.
  6. In your accommodation you will have a bed, bedding (pillow, blanket and covers), a table, a chair and a closet at your disposal. Other furnishings (e.g. TV, washing machine) depend on the equipment of each accommodation and are not standard. If there is a washing machine or dryer, you may have to pay a small fee (about 3 € per use) to the landlord/landlady.
  7. 1.7 Heating, water and electricity are included in the rent (Within the ordinary scope of usage). Turning the heating to mac. All day and meanwhile leaving windows open, leaving the lights on during the day and night etc. can bring lots of additional costs that have tob e paid by you.
    Internet (Wi-Fi) is available in all our accommodations, but not always included in the rent. Your landlord/landlady will inform you about it during the key delivery.
    ATTENTION: Illegal downloading or streaming of copyrighted material from the internet is strictly prohibited in Germany! If you do this anyway and a penalty fee becomes due, you will have to pay the full penalty fee yourself. The penalty fee is at least 500 € per download/stream.

  8. Please note that you have to pay a deposit of about 100-300€ per person in cash to the landlord/landlady upon arrival. If at the end of your course you return your room & common areas to the landlord/landlady clean and without any defects with the key, you will receive the full deposit back; if the room is not cleaned or if there is rental damage in your accommodation (own room, common areas or property of the landlord/landlady) that you have caused, the costs incurred as a result will be retained from the deposit. If the costs exceed the amount of the deposit, you will have to pay the remaining amount.
    In case of damages where the causer cannot be clearly determined, all residents of the apartment/flat are jointly liable.
    In your own interest: Please be sure to check your room and the common areas for any pre-existing damage and unkempt condition when you move in and report them directly to the landlord/landlady and IIK. Document them with a photo or video and share them with us ( ). We will make every effort to remedy the situation.

  9. At least 5 days before you move out, you must make an appointment with the landlord/landlady for the handover of keys & deposit.
    If because of your fault, the return of the deposit is not possible on the day of moving out, the subsequent transfer may incur costs (transfer fee, bank fee), which will be borne by you. Therefore, please clarify the return of the deposit with your landlord/landlady in time.
    If you lose the key or do not return it in time when you move out, you will have to pay the cost of replacing the lock and new keys for all roommates and neighbors. This can be very expensive and cost up to several hundred euros.

  10. It is recommended that you take out private liability insurance, as the landlord's insurance will not compensate for damage to the accommodation caused by your own fault, nor for damage to your personal belongings.
  11. Should the case arise that you are caused damage through the fault of your landlord/landlady, a member of your host family or your roommates, IIK is exempt from liability.
  12. Please make sure that you have sufficient health insurance for your stay in Düsseldorf. Here you can find our recommendation:

  13. Only if you have booked pick-up or mobility package: Please inform us about the details (flight number, arrival date and time) of your arrival in Düsseldorf at least 2 weeks before the course starts. In case of last-minute changes in your travel plans, please inform both us and your landlord/landlady directly.
  14. If you want to extend your accommodation reservation: Deadline for accommodation registration and payment is always 14 days before the next course start date. Registration has to be in person at the office (room F1).
  15. IIK reserves the right to reassign you to new accommodation without giving any reason and without observing any deadlines.

During the stay

  1. You are expected to respect the landlord's house rules and, if necessary, to agree together on a mutually acceptable set of rules.
  2. Please let your landlord/landlady know as soon as possible if something is not working or has broken, especially if, for example, water is leaking somewhere or an electrical appliance has stopped working.
  3. The landlords have an extra key for the apartment or room. In order to protect your privacy, we inform them that your room can be entered only after an agreement with you. If it is necessary and you are not available, the landlords may enter the room, but must inform you afterwards. Only in emergencies like water damage there is no need for an agreement.
  4. You have rented a room for one person, overnight guests (including family members) are not allowed.
  5. By renting accommodation, you agree to keep it clean independently. If you live in a shared apartment or with a host family, please arrange with them the regular cleaning of the common areas. In particular, you must regularly remove the garbage yourself.
  6. In Germany, waste must always be separated. For example, there is a separate trash can for organic waste, plastic and paper. Each trash can has a different color. Some bottles (e.g. glass bottles with no deposit) must also be taken to a special container on the street. It is expected that you pay attention to waste separation.
  7. Smoking, both cigarette and shisha, is NOT allowed in ANY IIK accommodation. You are also not allowed to smoke at the open window. If you smoke in IIK accommodation without permission, IIK is entitled to terminate your accommodation with immediate effect. That means you have to move out immediately and you will not receive any money of the accommodation fee for the current course month. You may even have to pay for repainting the room if it is necessary because of the smell of smoke.
  8. In Germany, the following quiet hours generally apply in apartments:
    • from 22:00 in the evening to 07:00 in the morning
    • from 13:00 o'clock until 15:00 o'clock
    • all day on Sundays and public holidays
    At all of these times, indoor noise levels apply. This means that you may only be so loud in your apartment that the resulting noise can no longer be perceived outside the apartment. This applies in particular to listening to music and TV. If you violate the quiet times, your apartment may be terminated at short notice.

  9. 2.8 It is important to air your entire apartment regularly. Instructions on how to properly ventilate can be found here:
    You must air your apartment sufficiently, especially after showering and cooking. If you do not do this, mold can develop on the walls. In that case, you will have to pay for the cost of repainting.
    While you are airing, please make sure that the heating is turned off.

  10. Please remember that in German apartments there is usually no drain in the bathroom. Therefore, please do not put the bathroom floor under water - for example, when taking a shower. If it does happen, please wipe up the water immediately. Otherwise, it can run into ceilings and walls in the apartment below. You are responsible for the removal of water damage.
  11. When leaving the accommodation, please make sure that water, heating, light and all electronic devices are turned off and the windows are closed! If you forget, your landlord/landlady may enter your room.

  12. If there are any problems with the landlord/landlady or your roommates during your stay, please contact us directly and do not wait too long so that we can find a quick solution together.


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Here you can find our current general conditions for the IIK accommodation service as pdf:

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