General Conditions IIK Accommodation Service

This translation into English is for information purposes. Only the original German text has legal authority.

1. General conditions


  1. By renting accommodation provided by the Institute for International Communication (IIK), you accept both the general conditions (pp.1-2) and the conditions during your stay (pp.3-4). Your contract is with the IIK and not with the landlord. Therefore, all agreements must be made with the IIK and not with the accommodation provider. Any breach of these conditions may result in the forfeiture of the deposit and termination of the accommodation (without notice). Please read these general conditions very carefully!

  2. Accommodation services can be booked at the latest 24 calendar days before the start of the course (12:00 noon German time), the fees must be paid in full by then. If payment has not been made in full by then, there is no right to a reservation. Since the courses extend over 4 weeks, they must decide before the end of the 1st week whether youre want to extend the accommodation. If you do not extend in time, there is no right to a reservation!

  3. Cancellation of the accommodation is possible in writing up to 24 calendar days (mail/maile receipt until 12:00, German time!) before the start of the event. The participant will then be refunded the full amount paid minus bank and credit card fees. The cancellation must be made in writing. In case of a later cancellation, the full accommodation fee is due.

  4. IIK Düsseldorf arranges accommodation only in connection with booked language courses, further education or examinations. An extension of the accommodation booking without course booking is only possible in exceptional cases and a monthly surcharge of 100 € on the accommodation fee will be charged.

  5. The booked accommodation is reserved for you one day before the course starts (Intensive German Course) and one day after the course ends (Intensive German Course) in the morning. In case of an earlier arrival or later departure, the accommodation has to be organized by yourself.

  6. It is forbidden to copy keys, to exchange them with each other or to deposit them with a flatmate. It is also not allowed to change flats and rooms. Likewise, occupying the accommodation without using it is not permitted. Any changes require consultation with the accommodation department.

  7. In most accommodations women and men live separately, but we cannot always guarantee this. If you want to stay only with women or men, please inform us directly when booking your accommodation.

  8. As soon as you receive the accommodation address and contact details from the landlord/landlady from us, please inform your landlord/landlady about your arrival time. If you fail to do so, you may find yourself facing locked doors upon arrival. You will then have to pay any associated costs, such as hotel costs, yourself.

  9. In your accommodation you will have a bed, bedding (pillow, blanket and covers), a table, a chair and a closet at your disposal. Other furnishings (e.g. TV, washing machine) depend on the equipment of each accommodation and are not standard. If there is a washing machine or dryer, you may have to pay a small fee (about 3€ per use) to the landlord/landlady.

  10. Heating, water and electricity are included in the rent (within the limits of normal use). We ask you to pay attention to energy efficiency, increased energy consumption will be at your expense (e.g. setting the heating to maximum all day while leaving the windows open, leaving the lights on day and night, etc. can result in a lot of extra costs that you will have to pay).

    Internet (Wi-Fi) is available in all our accommodations, but not always included in the rental price. Your landlord will inform you about it when you get the keys.

    ATTENTION: Illegally downloading or streaming copyrighted material from the internet is strictly prohibited in Germany! If you do this anyway and a penalty fee is due, you will have to pay the full penalty fee yourself. The penalty fee is at least 500€ per download/stream and can amount to several thousand euros.

  11. Please note that you have to pay a deposit of approx. 100-300€ per person in cash to the landlord upon arrival. If at the end of your course you return your room and the common areas to the landlord clean and without any defects with the key, you will receive the deposit back in full; if your room is not cleaned or if you cause rental damage to your accommodation (your own room, common areas or landlord's property), the costs incurred as a result will be retained from the deposit. If the costs exceed the amount of the deposit, you will have to pay the remaining amount.

    In the event of damage where the person responsible cannot be clearly identified, all residents of the apartment are jointly liable.

    In your own interest: Be sure to inspect your room and common areas for prior damage and clutter when you move in and report them directly to the landlord and IIK. Document them with a photo or video and share them with us ( ). We will make every effort to improve the situation.

  12. At least 5 days before you move out, you must make an appointment with the landlord to hand over the keys and the deposit.

    If through your fault the return of the deposit on the day of moving out is not possible, the subsequent transfer may incur costs (transfer fee, bank fee), which must be borne by you. Therefore, please clarify the return of the deposit with your landlord in time.

    If you lose the key or do not return it in time when you move out, you will have to bear the cost of replacing the lock and new keys for all roommates and neighbors. This can be very expensive and cost up to several hundred euros.

  13. It is recommended that you take out private liability insurance, as the landlord's insurance does not cover self-inflicted damage to the accommodation or damage to your personal belongings.

  14. In the event that you suffer damage through the fault of your landlord, a member of your host family or your roommates, IIK is exempt from liability.

  15. Please make sure that you have sufficient health insurance for your stay in Düsseldorf. You can find our recommendation here:

  16. If you want to extend your accommodation reservation: Deadline for accommodation registration and payment is always 24 days before the next course start (12:00 German time). The registration can only be done in person at the IIK offices. If they do not extend in time, there is no right to a reservation! There is no claim to the same accommodation in case of an extension. Therefore we recommend to rent the accommodation continuously for the whole duration of the stay. IIK reserves the right to assign you a new accommodation without giving any reasons and without observing any deadlines!!!


2. Conditions during the stay


  1. You have to respect the house rules of the landlord/landlady. Individual arrangements or rules can be agreed with the landlord, these are to be respected by both parties.

  2. Please inform your landlord/landlady as soon as possible if something does not work or is broken, especially if, for example, water leaks somewhere or an electrical appliance stops working.

  3. The landlord has his/her own key for the apartment/room. In order to protect your privacy, your room will only be entered by appointment. In urgent cases (e.g. water damage) the landlord/landlady can enter your apartment without prior arrangement, you will then be informed afterwards.

  4. You have rented a room for one person, overnight guests (including family members) are not allowed.

  5. By renting accommodation you agree to keep it clean independently. If you live in a shared apartment or with a host family, please arrange with them the regular cleaning of the common areas. In particular, you must remove garbage yourself on a regular basis.

  6. In Germany, garbage must always be separated. For example, there is a separate trash can for organic waste, plastic and paper. Each trash can has a different color. Some bottles (e.g. glass bottles) must also be taken to a special container on the street. You are expected to pay attention to waste separation.

  7. Smoking, both cigarettes and shisha, is NOT allowed in ANY IIK accommodation. You are also not allowed to smoke at an open window. If you smoke in IIK accommodation without permission, IIK is entitled to terminate your accommodation with immediate effect. This means that you will have to move out immediately and will not receive a refund of the accommodation fee for the currently booked month. You may even have to pay for a new coat of paint if it is necessary due to the smell of smoke.

  8. After registering at the Bürgeramt, you will receive a letter from the public broadcaster. These fees are compulsory and you have to pay them yourself (see appendix GEZ).

  9. It is important to air your entire apartment regularly. Instructions on how to properly ventilate can be found here:

    Especially after showering and cooking, you need to ventilate sufficiently. If you do not, mold may appear on the walls. In that case, you will have to pay for the cost of a new coat of paint.
    While you are airing, please make sure that the heating is turned off.
  10. Please remember that in German apartments there is usually no drain in the floor of the bathroom. Therefore, please do not put the bathroom floor under water - for example, when taking a shower. If it does happen, please wipe up the water immediately. Otherwise, it can run into the ceilings and walls of the apartment below. You are responsible for cleaning up any water damage.

  11. When leaving the accommodation, please make sure that water, heating, light and all electronic devices are turned off and the windows are closed! If you forget, your landlord/landlady may enter your room to take care of this for you.

  12. If there are any problems with the landlord/landlady or your roommates during your stay, please contact us directly and do not wait too long so that we can find a quick solution together.


By renting the accommodation through IIK, you agree to accept these general conditions. If you violate these general conditions, under cirtain circumstaces no warning is required for termination without notice.

The rent already paid will not be refunded and the deposit will be retained.

This is without prejudice to any costs incurred by violations of any kind, which must be borne by you to the full extent.

Your IIK Accommodation Management


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