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The European Union is also awarding scholarships across Europe for participation in further training in 2024, but many colleagues are not aware of this or are unsure how they can apply for a scholarship in Erasmus+. APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR NEW APPLICATIONS 2024:

Application deadline 2024: Short projects 20.02.2024

Accreditation of institutions: 01.10.2024

Please note that scholarships in the EU education program Erasmus+ can only be applied for by teachers from the program countries. Unfortunately, teachers from other countries cannot apply for scholarships via Erasmus+. Unfortunately, German teachers cannot apply for grants for further training in Germany. However, teachers and lecturers in Germany can apply for education subsidies.

You can already register now for further training at the IIK in 2024 and only pay if you also receive a scholarship.
When you click on "Registration", you will receive a pre-registration from us for the selected course. You do not need to pay a deposit and there are no cancellation fees.
The OID-number of the IIK is: E10056469.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to the IIK further education department: weiterbildung(at)

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