Accommodation & service

We offer different types of accommodation and services to make your arrival and stay pleasant.


Information about types of accommodation and prices:

  • Shared apartment (WG)
  • Host Family
  • Dormitory
  • Single apartment

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More accommodation providers and tips about living in Germany.

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Requests and information for landlords

You are a landlord and want to rent to our international students?

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General information about accommodation in Düsseldorf

The following conditions should be met before you can book accommodation with us:
  • Accommodation can only be booked in combination with a language course
  • There is only a limited number of accommodations of one category available, if this category is fully booked, we offer you another category
  • You should be at least 18 years old
  • Accommodation check-in: one day before the start of the course from 15.00
  • Accommodation checkout: one day after the end of the course until 11 am
  • Smoking is not allowed in the accommodation
  • A deposit of 100 € – 300 € per person has to be paid to the landlord when the keys are handed over
You can take advantage of these services through the IIK
  • Certificates for the visa
  • Mediation of a favorable health insurance
  • free WiFi in the training centre
  • Liability insurance
  • Access to subject libraries & the university canteen
Where are our accommodations in Düsseldorf?
  • they are distributed throughout Düsseldorf and the surrounding area
  • they have a good connection to public transport
  • the distance between the accommodation and the institute is usually 30 – 60 minutes by public transport

To make your arrival easier, you can book the following with the IIK:

  • Pick-up service (reception at the main station or airport)
  • Mobility package (pick-up service & monthly ticket for public transport)
How do I book accommodation and other services?
  1. Choose your course from the entire range of courses offered by the IIK
  2. Go to the online booking of the selected IIK course
  3. Select accommodation as an additional option to your course
  4. Select other services in addition to your accommodation
  5. Book. We look forward to seeing you!

General conditions IIK Accommodation Service

General conditions for booking an accommodation through the IIK.

General conditions

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