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payment information

Payment via Transfermate

International Students - No Fees

The easiest method of paying your Tuition and Accommodation Fees internationally is through TransferMate Education. By using the TransferMate service, you are able to pay at your local bank in your home currency and will be offered a beneficial exchange rate without incurring any bank transfer charges. TransferMate makes it easier and cheaper for international students to pay for their Tuition and accommodation fees to the IIK.

    What are the benefits?
  • Pay in your own currency.
  • A more streamlined payment process
  • No international sender/receiver fees
  • Great exchange rates
  • 24 hour customer service from TransferMate
  • 24 hour online tracking of payments
  • Bulk payment options

TransferMate lets you make international payments to the IIK free where TransferMate has a localized account, without paying international banking charges, while receiving competitive foreign exchange rates. Only Euro to Euro payments require a 10€ surcharge which is displayed on the payment page. Pay your Tuition now:

  • STEP 1. Complete your course booking and check your IIK booking confirmation email.
  • STEP 2. Visit our TransferMate payment website and complete the brief registration form. Click "YES" you are ready to pay today and then select "Process Transaction".
  • STEP 3. Transfer the funds to the advised bank account.
  • STEP 4. Email with a screenshot of your bank's receipt of payment, a copy of your passport (required for Chinese, Indian and Brazilian nationals only), and your IIK offer or course booking confirmation (Brazil only).
  • STEP 5. Once TransferMate receive your funds and required documents, they will transfer the funds to us at the IIK and email you a confirmation of your payment. The process takes about three work days after your wire transfer has been received.

Should you encounter an issue or if you would like to change your mode of payment at a later point, please contact our office at . For any questions regarding our payment website at TransferMate, please contact .

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