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Inside Düsseldorf:

Düsseldorf, situated right in the middle of one of Europe's culturally and economically richest regions, is the capital of North Rhine-Westfalia, the most populous German provence. A well-known centre for media, fashion and trade fairs, Düsseldorf has international flair as well as excellent connections in business and travel. The city boasts a prolific cultural scene with many summer events that visitors from all over the world appreciate. The city's over 200 bars are known as the "longest bar counter." Located along the Rhine river with its beautiful waterfront, you may want to explore palaces, castles, churches, and many other sights in greater Düsseldorf.

The city offers a multitude of shopping opportunities as well as the famous "Kö" avenue. Enjoy a walk in the city parks and at the Rhine esplanade.
Native to this city with its over half a million citizens are immigrants and Germans who have moved here from all over the country and world. About a sixth of the population has a foreign passport.

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