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Train the Trainer (in English)
Certified Basic Workshop in English
9. bis 13. September 2019


KurstitelTrain the Trainer (in English) [09WPa53]
Certified Basic Workshop in English
NiveauThere are no special requirements for attending this course, except a sound knowledge of spoken and written English. If you are interested in attending we recommend you contact the Head Office Continuing Education (Bereichsleitung Weiterbildung, details below) to clarify expectations, learning goals, existing training skills and of course all other issues.
ZusammenfassungThe path toward the training profession raises many questions :

• What are a trainer’s competencies and challenges?
• What didactic know-how does a trainer need to deliver technical knowledge?
• What methods are effective in manifesting knowledge long-term and guaranteeing transfer into practice?
• How do you design a successful training course and what types of media are required for this?
• What are the possibilities to enable individual learning in an adult training environment?
• How can the trainer accompany personal development processes?
• What will the training landscape look like in the future?

In other words: What does the trainer‘s trade look like? What tools can he or she use to design training offerings with a personal touch and maximal impact?

Along these questions a 5-days concept was developed which allows prospective trainers to acquire the basics and thereby create a solid trainer foundation.
Kursinhalt1. Course Content

Trainer personality
• Requirements – expectations – roles
• Competencies – skills – styles
• Body language and basic principles of
• Presenting in front of groups

• Learning psychology
• Adult learning
• Participant orientation

• Facilitation methods
• In a nutshell: theme-centred interaction,
neuro-linguistic programming, transactional
analysis, the systemic approach
• Games in training
• Exercises for different purposes

• Facilitator’s case
• Flip chart – metaplan board –
• Laptop and projector
• Interactive whiteboard
• Possibilities of video

Visualization and Presentation
• Presentation techniques
• Designing flip charts
• PowerPoint – Prezi

Optimal training design
• Mandate clarification and needs assessment
• Defining learning goals
• Training structure and phases: from
preparation to transfer
• Media mix
• Facilitator's Guide and Running notes
• Seminar evaluation

Training reality
• Challenging conditions
• Challenging situations
• Group dynamics

2. Methods

• Group exercises
• Theory
• Feedback and discussion in plenary
• Communication in training processes
• Designing of facilitator’s guides and running
• Understand and discuss training approaches
• Execution of own training section with video

3. Use of Media

• Flip chart
• Metaplan technique
• Facilitator’s case
• Learning games
• Projector
• Camcorder

4. Benefits and Learning goals

The participants

* see an example of the process from mandate clarification and needs assessment through to seminar evaluation, and receive a variety of practical instruments, tools and material for planning and conducting training and seminars.

* can independently plan, design, and implement training; know and understand what aspects need to be considered.

* experience the impact of their actions in front of groups, and get a feeling for their own training behaviour.

* gain and extend their technical, reflexive and personal competencies to be successful as a trainer.

5. Who will benefit from this workshop

• Anyone involved in knowledge transfer wishing to give their seminars, presentations and trainings a sound basis
• Anyone wishing to move towards a training career and to update their skills in planning and conducting professional workshops / trainings / seminars
• Anyone wishing to reflect on, refresh, or professionalise their previous work as a trainer
• Managers/consultants/HR managers wishing to expand their training methods and skills
• Anyone curious and interested in the training profession
Leistungen* All information, documentation, media data, protocols and exercises will be managed using the “moodle” learning platform.

* The participants will receive a certificate after completing the entire 5-days workshop. The certification includes the presentation and conduction of a training sequence in front of the group and the trainer team. The contributions will be discussed and detailed feedback will be given.
The IIK Head Office Continuing Education is committed to the code of professional ethics in continuous education of the „Forum Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung e. V.” The certificate carries the signet of this organisation. For further information please refer to

ZielgruppeProspective in-house or freelance trainers
Kurstermin09.09. - 13.09.2019
ProjektleitungAntje Krüger, M.A.
Head of Further Training Department
Mediatior, Coach and Facilitator
Institut für Internationale Kommunikation e.V.
DozentenThe IIK Train-The-Trainer workshop will be held by two experienced trainers:

Dr. rer. nat. Sabine Küsters
Certified Trainer (PAS 1037)
Consultant, trainer and business coach for communication in sales
Trainer for presenting, communication, negotiation, team building, conflict management, management skills
Languages: native German, proficient English (Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English as Foreign Language), sound French

Andrew Porteous
Personal Business Coach,
Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming (DVNLP),
CLTC Corporate Language Trainer Certificate
Trainer for presenting, negotiation, time management, communication, intercultural communication, personal development
OrtSchloss Mickeln
Alt Himmelgeist 25
40589 Düsseldorf (Himmelgeist)
ZeitMonday - Friday, 9:00 - 17:00h
AnmeldefristAnmeldung möglich bis Erreichen der Höchstteilnehmerzahl oder 04.08.2019, danach auf Anfrage.
Kursgebühren1490.00 Euro 
Kultur- und FreizeitprogrammOur 5-day workshop starts daily at 9.00 and end at 17.00. There will be three main breaks during the day with refereshments. The workshop ends Friday at approx. 17.00 (after the certification ceremony).

All information, documentation, media data, protocols and exercises will be managed using the learning platform “moodle”. The participants will receive their personal access code and all information on workshop venue and agenda with their confirmation of participation.
Sonstige InfosWe recommend anyone interested in attending IIK Train the Trainer workshop to contact the Head Office Continuing Education (Bereichsleitung Weiterbildung) by e-mail:

In a follow-up telephone call, we can then clarify if the workshop meets expectations and requirements.

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