Reunions, Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Weddings from a Transcultural Perspective

From the blowing out of candles to the catching of a bridal bouquet to all sorts of gift-giving traditions and special ceremonies, every culture is marked by a variety of recurring traditional rites, habits, and customs. The most distinct traditions are surely those pertaining to weddings.

In the wake of globalisation, it is becoming more and more familiar for distinctly different marriage symbolism to become superimposed. This is not only owing to the ever increasing number of multicultural couples and families coming together as one, but mostly thanks to the European-Hollywood pressure that local, unique, and often centuries old, traditions are faced with from the worldwide representation of the romantic wedding that the movie and TV industry produce. The resulting hybridization leaves us with a fully-fledged transcultural form of wedding rituals.

On the occasion of IIK’s 25th Anniversary, the colloquium will focus on this intercultural hybridization of weddings, analyse this phenomenon, ask after new forms of transculturalism, and examine the mutual cultural influences.

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