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Competition: 25 Years of IIK

25 years of the Institut für Internationale Kommunikation is 300 months // 1304 weeks // 9131 days of unforgettable memories, amazing adventures, and wonderful experiences…
Everyone has got his or her own personal IIK story to tell, and we want to know yours!

We are seeking photos, videos, or stories from the last 25 years at IIK. Not only are we excited to receive your anniversary greetings, but we will also reward you for them!

Send us a photo or video from your time in Germany, and briefly tell us how your photo or video entry relates to IIK. Otherwise, grab your camera, webcam, or smartphone, and send us a photo or video as an anniversary greeting. Your creativity knows no boundaries. You may want to congratulate a teacher, say hi to an old friend from IIK Düsseldorf or BerlinID, or show us where you are and what you are doing these days…
Anything and everything is possible!

Applications close on 11.11.2014.

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