Terms and Conditions

1. Organiser / Contact

The ‘25 years of IIK competition’ is offered by the Institute for International Communication e.V. (hereinafter IIK), 40217 Düsseldorf. It has no direct link or relationship with Facebook, and it is neither organised, nor sponsored, nor supported in any other way by Facebook.

2. What content does the competition contain?

The contestants are asked to submit personal photos or videos that pertain to IIK. These could either be photos and/or videos that were taken during your participation in a course at IIK (also during your free time), or those that were specifically made for the competition (e.g. anniversary greetings etc.).

3. Duration of the competition

This competition begins on 01 September 2014. IIK reserves the right to alter these dates without stating the reason or to end the competition prior to maturity.

4. Scope and recognition of the entrance requirements

Contestants accept the entrance requirements and privacy policy through participation in the competition. Terms and conditions as well as entrance requirements apply to the entire scope of the competition including the depicted descriptions and regulations on the website.

5. Who can participate?

Contestants must have a minimum age of 18 at time of entry. Contestants may submit multiple entries to the competition. IIK employees and relatives may enter the competition. However, entries, which are submitted by an IIK employee or one of their relatives, are not eligible to win a prize.

6. Who can be disqualified from participating?

IIK reserves the right at their sole discretion and without giving advance notice or reasons to disqualify any contestant who does not abide by the terms and conditions or entrance requirements. Contestants who disturb the competition in any way, use unauthorised resources, or manipulate the competition in any other way in order to gain advantages will also be disqualified. IIK reserves the right to retrospectively declare a disqualification, to revoke a prize, or to reclaim a prize.

7. How does participation work?

Entries can be submitted using the upload form on the website: www.iik-duesseldorf.de/25jahre/mitmachen. It should be clearly noticeable to what extent the entry relates to IIK.

It is obligatory that the contestant partook in the creation of the entry. IIK reserves the right, where necessary, to render any entry as anonymous due to privacy policy reasons.

IIK reserves the right to publicize any contestants entry while specifying their first name, surname, and country of origin on the IIK website, the IIK Facebook page, and on YouTube.

8. Uploading an entry

1. Go to the IIK 25 year anniversary website www.iik-duesseldorf.de/25jahre/mitmachen

2. Fill out the ‘upload file’ form with the required information – contact name, email address, and country of origin.

3. Additionally, provide the timeframe in which the photo or video was created, how the photo or video came about, and how it is related to the IIK.

4. Confirm acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy by ticking the appropriate box.

5. Ensure that any persons featured in the photo or video agree with the publication of the entry.

6. Should any questions or problems occur, go to 25jahre@iik-duesseldorf.de.

9. Prizes

There will be a total of three grand prizes, one for the category photo, one for the category video, and one extra grand prize awarded by an IIK jury. Grand prizewinners may select one of the following three prizes:

  • Four-week German course in Düsseldorf including accommodation
  • Two-week stay in Düsseldorf including accommodation, leisure time programme, and travel-cost subsidy of up to € 300 (with proof of purchase)
  • One-week teacher training in Düsseldorf including accommodation

The travel costs are not included in the prizes except for the € 300 subsidy with proof of purchase as stated in option 2. The leisure time programme is only available during July and August; therefore all travel and courses won must take place during the months of July or August 2015.

All other contestants who have submitted an entry before the final day of the competition have the possibility to win one of the following prizes:

2nd Place: € 100 Amazon or iTunes gift voucher for both the categories video and photo.

3rd Place: € 50 Amazon or iTunes gift voucher for both the categories video and photo.

The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and is not redeemable for cash or other prizes. No legal recourse is permitted. IIK retains the right to substitute the prize with another prize of similar value in the event the original prize offered is not available. Contestants have the right to submit entries to both categories “best photo” and “best video”. However, the possibility to win more than one prize is ruled out. In the case of contestants having more than one submission and being nominated for more than one prize, the contestant will win the prize for the entry that was submitted first (the date and time of submission are the deciding factors). Consequently, the runner up will receive the non-awarded prize.

10. How will the contestants be determined and notified?

The grand prizewinners will be determined through voting on Facebook and on the IIK 25 year anniversary website. The three grand prize-winners will receive an email informing them of their win and the winning process. They will be officially announced at the anniversary celebration on 28 November 2014. All other winners will be informed by email. Furthermore, their entry, name, and country of origin will be officially published on Facebook and on the IIK 25 year anniversary website. Notification will take place in November 2014.

If a winner can not be reached or does not confirm the notification of their win within three weeks of being notified, then the winner’s prize will be forfeited, and another winner will be chosen. The original prize-winner will no longer be able to obtain a prize. In the case of incorrect contact details, such as an incorrect email address, IIK accepts no responsibility for acquiring the correct contact information. The disadvantages of providing incorrect contact information will be borne solely by the contestant.

11. Right of use, release, and responsibility

IIK shall not be liable for screening the submitted entries for any potential defamatory material to a third party. IIK retains the right to reject entries which are not in accordance with their code of morality or which they deem unlawful after proper evaluation. By uploading an entry the contestant hereby warrants that a third party does not hold the rights to the content, or, if so, the consent from the author has been obtained. Consent must also be obtained from any third party featured in the photo or video submitted.

Contestants hereby agree that IIK is not obligated for any third party claims that may occur due to the content in the uploaded entry. Contestants herewith declare to reasonably support IIK to defend these rights.

By submitting an entry, contestants hereby agree that their submission of an entry in relation to the competition, the prize draw, and the presentation of their photo or video in offline and online media, where they will be viewable and accessible by third parties, may be used. For this purpose IIK may alter, or re-edit the entry when necessary and be granted third party right of use. The right to use will not expiry or be confined to a specific time or content in any way.

In the case of a winning entry, winning contestants accept to having their name, photo, and country of origin publicly published on the Internet and in printed media in relation to the win.

12. Data privacy and processing 

IIK will collect all contestants’ data and save it on a server. IIK will use this data to contact contestants if they shall win a prize. The data will not be handed over to a third party.

IIK holds itself responsible to protect the privacy of contestants and ensure that contestants’ data will remain private in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, German Telemedia Act, and the European Privacy Policy (95/46/EG).

Contestants may withdraw consent to process their data at any time. Furthermore, in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act contestants are guaranteed the right to rectification and to be informed of any usage of their data.

13. Exemption of warranty

IIK hereupon reserves the right to cancel or amend the competition without providing notification. IIK does not guarantee that the competition will occur. This does not provide contestants the right to make any claims against IIK. Technical problems, change of rules, or decisions made via Facebook in relation to the competition are also not guaranteed and do not provide any rights to make claims.

14. Liability during stay in Düsseldorf

IIK is not legally liable for any bodily injuries, damages to health, or loss of life or to breaching of fundamental contractual or cardinal duties that may result, so long as the injuries or damages are not due to negligence of IIK or their legal representatives or agents. Fundamental contractual obligations are those, which involve the fulfilment of the necessary aim of the contract.

In the case of a breach of fundamental contractual duties, IIK is only liable for typical contractual foreseeable damages if they are caused through negligence, unless claims for compensation are required for contestants due to bodily damages, loss of life, or damage to health.

The travel costs in the grand prize option 2 will only be partially compensated. The contractual liability, excluding bodily damages, is limited to three times the travel price

a) providing the damages to the traveller were not caused wilfully or through gross negligence by IIK, b) and providing that IIK is solely responsible for damages to the traveller due to the fault of a service provider.

IIK is not liable to any disturbances to services, people, or property damage, in relation to services that are provided by an outside agent, when the services are notably not a part of the travel services provided by IIK. This shall not apply to damages, which arose by a culpable violation of obligation to indicate, explain, or organise.

15. Final provision

The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply exclusively. Recourse to the courts is not permitted. Ineffective provisions of the contract shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract.


Düsseldorf, August 2014