Competition: 25 Years of IIK

25 years of the Institut für Internationale Kommunikation is 300 months // 1304 weeks // 9131 days of unforgettable memories, amazing adventures, and wonderful experiences.
Everyone has got his or her own personal IIK story to tell, and we want to know yours!

We are seeking photos, videos, or stories from the last 25 years at IIK. Not only are we excited to receive your anniversary greetings, but we will also reward you for them!

Send us a photo or video from your time in Germany, and briefly tell us how your photo or video entry relates to IIK. Otherwise, grab your camera, webcam, or smartphone, and send us a photo or video as an anniversary greeting. Your creativity knows no boundaries. You may want to congratulate a teacher, say hi to an old friend from IIK Düsseldorf or berlinerID, or show us where you are and what you are doing these days. Anything and everything is possible!


  • Tell us in a video what you experienced at IIK and in Germany or
  • send us some of you nicest or funniest photos from your classes, trips, parties, or favourite places in Düsseldorf or
  • congratulate IIK on their 25th anniversary with a homemade video
  • send a greeting to your favourite teacher,  a classmate, or one of your new friends you made at IIK as a photo or video
    or, or, or… the possibilities are endless!

We are looking forward to receiving your photo or video entry. Stay tuned as you may be the next to win a prize worth over € 3000!

Prizes and Conditions of Participation

Fill out the application form, and tell us who you are and how your entry pertains to IIK. Then upload it, and you’re finished!
Applications close on 11.11.2014.
To boost your chance of winning go to Facebook or Voting and vote. Also, don’t forget to tell your friends about the competition!

If you have any questions or problems:

Please note: Applications closed on 11.11. Of course you are welcome to send greetings, photos and videos, but they do not count as entries anymore.

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There will be a total of three grand prizes! One grand prize is for the category video, one is for the category photo, and an extra chance goes to any of the entries, which will be chosen by an IIK jury. On top of that we’re offering 2nd and 3rd place prizes for both video and photo.

Grand Prize:
(You may choose any one of the following great prizes)

  • Four-week German course in Düsseldorf including accommodation
  • Two-week stay in Düsseldorf including accommodation, leisure time programme, and travel-cost subsidy of up to € 300
  • One-week teacher training in Düsseldorf including accommodation

2nd Place: € 100 Amazon or iTunes gift voucher

3rd Place: € 50 Amazon or iTunes gift voucher