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About us - the Institute

language coursesThe "Institut für Internationale Kommunikation - IIK Düsseldorf e. V." (Translation: Institute for International Communication Duesseldorf), founded in 1989, is an innovative service provider devoted to enhance international exchange and training. The IIK offers language courses, organizes exchange programs as well as vocational trainings (including teacher training) and is the right partner to a wide range of information and counselling services in international business. The use of modern telecommunication means to achieve its goals most effectively has become one of the IIK's points of excellence.
library Situated in the urban and central quarter of Düsseldorf-Bilk, the IIK, a non-profit-organization (e.V.) cooperates closely with Düsseldorf's Heinrich-Heine-Universität and sponsors its international activities.

A certain number of grants are also available every year for selected candidats.

Information, Counselling and Publishing

In the late 90's the IIK incorporated the internet into its international exchange and education services: Since 1997 it creates webbased teaching materials, publishes e-mail newsletters, designs and hosts websites for international companies or provodes content and WBT-modules for multi-media agencies, etc. Furthermore, it carries out WWW studies as well as internet campaigns for its customers. To promote international exchange with German speaking countries the IIK maintains two web portals:

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Tens of thousands of people all over the world make use of these free resources every month. By developing textbooks, conducting international business studies or training managers in in intercultural and modern multi-media-communication the IIK also provides more "traditional" education and counselling services.


Botanical garden in the universityPartners of the IIK include international companies, publishers, universities, teachers' associations and public insitutions like the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Exchange Service for teachers (PAD) or the European Commission.

The staff

The IIK's staff forms a highly motivated team of teachers and managers, whose communication skills are just as important as excellent qualifications. Internet and Intranet are used to guarantee a constant flow of information between IIK-employees, teachers and its costumers.Besides the IIK draws upon a rich pool of experts, teachers, graduates and promising students from Düsseldorf's Heinrich-Heine-Universität to provide quick and competent service at any time and on (almost ) any subject.

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